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Bristol Art Collective

Welcome to Bristol Art Collective, our mission is to create a community of artists with links to Bristol. Showcasing the finest talents the city has to offer we want to start something great, but are only as good as the artists we feature. We hope working as a collective, collaborating on projects and displaying new work will inspire each other to continue to develop as artists.


Bristol Art Collective started as an idea to have a place to display and sell my photography. I decided that the only way forward was to work together to make something amazing. Bristol is a fantastic city and I have been lucky enough to meet some great people with a wide range of skills. All parts of Bristol Art Collective were designed by me and a close group of friends from the logo, which takes inspiration from the old Bristol bus script given a modern update by Bruce Crowes, to the site itself which was designed by myself with some help from my friend Cav, who I’m sure will have more input in the future.   

Words & photo: Ben Adams












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