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Amsterdam Curl (Krulletter)

In October this year, Ben and I took our fiancee/girlfriend (respectively) on a trip to Amsterdam. The idea was to explore all that the city had to offer, as the girls had not visited the city before. For Ben and I, this was our second outing...


Behind the signs at Boomtown fair 2015.

My brushes have taken me to many weird and wonderful places; this time to Boomtown Fair near Winchester. I got asked by fellow brother of the brush and good friend James Cooper of Dapper signs to work at the festival. Gutted as the bloke was,...

2015-08-03 16.51.09-2

Train tracks and traffic jams

Recently, I’ve been working on a very exciting commission. A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to create a Transport themed game of snakes and ladders. I was told that it was part of a treasure trail around Bishopston, Redland and Cotham, and that they...


Switzerland; from Vevey to Montreux (Jazz)

As much as I really want to avoid this post sounding like a travel blog it's extremely difficult not to whilst sat underneath some palm trees in the garden of my partners family home, on a chaise longue, sipping ice tea in thirty eight degree...


Daily Cut – My January Collage Challenge

The whole purpose of doing this project was purely for me and my practice. I’d seen other illustrators do similar projects, where they drew a particular thing everyday etc, and I wanted a piece of this for myself. I’ve got big plans and ideas for...

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