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The time I travelled to Colombia.

The time I travelled to Colombia. Ages ago I studied Spanish and one of my teachers was from Colombia. She always had amazing stories about the people and the country itself and would always get mad at people who said that it was too dangerous to...


Amsterdam Curl (Krulletter)

In October this year, Ben and I took our fiancee/girlfriend (respectively) on a trip to Amsterdam. The idea was to explore all that the city had to offer, as the girls had not visited the city before. For Ben and I, this was our second outing...

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Bristol after dark.

I love this time of year; leaves turning, nights getting longer, seeing your breath as you stand motionless, waiting for that long exposure to finish. As I think I've said before, I can be a little bit lazy by the end of the day and...


The Fisherman of Leigh Woods

Ever since first hearing about Luke Jerram’s Withdrawn Art installation, I had an idea in mind to set up a photoshoot using the fishing boats to create a picture that runs alongside the story of the install about global warming and rising sea levels. My image...


Behind the signs at Boomtown fair 2015.

My brushes have taken me to many weird and wonderful places; this time to Boomtown Fair near Winchester. I got asked by fellow brother of the brush and good friend James Cooper of Dapper signs to work at the festival. Gutted as the bloke was,...


Meet The Mcleans

I often wonder about the generation of young people growing up in this ever changing world. I see more and more childeren and teenagers sat on their phones/tablets mindlessly involved in their own little world whilst the real world passes them by. Whats worse is...


Switzerland; from Vevey to Montreux (Jazz)

As much as I really want to avoid this post sounding like a travel blog it's extremely difficult not to whilst sat underneath some palm trees in the garden of my partners family home, on a chaise longue, sipping ice tea in thirty eight degree...


The Steam Crane.

Dom recently got in touch and said she'd been to a pub and got chatting to a guy behind the bar. They spoke about the website and he said he wanted us to do a pop up exhibition. I emailed said guy, whose name is...

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Adventures in the Wye Valley.

The last few weeks have been insanely busy; as it turns out buying and remodelling your first house can be quite stressful! Anyway that's another story for another day. So, as a little treat my friend Billy booked a short trip away to the Wye...


Thailand 2015

Recently I was lucky enough to visit Thailand for the first time.To be honest I was’t very excited at first, as many people I know told me that Thailand is overdeveloped, everything is done for tourists so I won’t be able to experience real Asia...

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