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Co-LAB Pop Up Shop

The last few weeks have been busy! Myself and Bruce Crowes have been hard at work getting ready for our upcoming shop. I’ve been back at work full time and Bruce has had a lot of jobs on; it’s been all about the evenings and weekends so lots of late nights all round. Bruce has been out hunting for unique items from horse shoes to guitars and everything in between so that he can up-cycle them. I’ve had major computer issues which nearly resulted in all of my work being lost; luckily I now have a shiny new laptop and all the photos are safe!


Photos safe & sound

Bruce’s flat has slowly begun to fill with an array of different items; every time I get round there’s something new to look at. For me, the whole process has been a lot easier. Apart from my old laptop dying, it’s been fairly straight forward. Picking photos was something that took a long time but I’m really pleased with all of the selected images. Then, it was as simple as a quick trip to Photographique and a visit to my cousin’s art shop, Craftworks on Gloucester Road, to get them mounted and I was ready to go. As I’m writing this, Bruce is sat in his studio behind me adding the finishing touches to a big piece to be hung in the shop, you’ll have to trust me though because it’s been kept under wraps until the shop opens its doors on Tuesday – you’ll have to come and see for yourselves!

My Crazy Life.

My Crazy Life.

Above is one of Bruce’s pieces that I can show you – it pretty much sums up the last few weeks for both of us. This will be the first time either of us have had a shop of any kind so it has been a bit of a learning curve for the pair of us, but nothing has been to hard to work out. We will be going down to set up on Monday night and the doors will open Tuesday 28th October at 10am. Me and Bruce first met 6 years ago when I was working in a clothes shop in town; Bruce walked through the door and into a new job. We’ve both since left the shop so it’ll be nice to have a mini reunion working together again, except this time we’ll be selling our own stuff as opposed to someone else’s!


One of my harbourside landscapes which will be available to buy


So to sum up, it’s been emotional at times but overall, a very exciting couple of weeks. Now that it’s just around the corner we’re both looking forward to doing it all over again soon. So come down and see us both in Co-LAB from Tuesday and look out for another one coming soon!

Words & Photos by Ben Adams.



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