Bristol Art Collective | Daily Cut – My January Collage Challenge
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Daily Cut – My January Collage Challenge

The whole purpose of doing this project was purely for me and my practice. I’d seen other illustrators do similar projects, where they drew a particular thing everyday etc, and I wanted a piece of this for myself. I’ve got big plans and ideas for my illustration work for 2015, and this was the beginning.

Some days ideas came to me a lot easier than others! Some days I would get up and knew exactly what I wanted to illustrate that day, and others it took me until 9pm to figure it out.

I enjoyed it when the day’s illustration was linked to what I’d been doing that day, like the day I spent working at the library or wearing my wellies in the rain. On the days where I didn’t do anything exciting I just plumped for something I liked or enjoyed, and most of the time this ended up as food!

It’s been great producing a broad bank of images, that have already begun to come in handy for new projects, which is ideal!

So yes, overall a great month, and I definitely plan to do something similar in the future again, as I got so much out of it.

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Words by Fiona Clabon

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