Bristol Art Collective | Looking back.
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Looking back.

As we start 2015 I find myself looking back at what has been an amazing year. I’m a bit shocked really, that an idea I’d had to do something with all the photos I was taking, has actually turned into an ever growing group of local artists showcasing their works. With new artists being added regularly, my little idea has become bigger than I could have imagined and continues to grow. It’s strange for me to look at how much the site has changed since it went live in February and only had three artists, one of which was myself and the other two very good friends of mine. Now I have artists on the site that I haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting yet and my email has been very busy with new artists that contact me wanting to get involved.  I have had some mad moments this year, from people talking to me about the website and not realising I started it and having a pop up shop in Co-Lab for a week where I actually made money, to hearing people talking about the website as they walk past me in the street. It’s all a bit surreal really.

I have, however, had my fair share of issues; I’m new to running a website and writing a blog so have struggled with both over the year. I had a little scare when my old laptop finally died and I thought I’d lost everything I’d been working on. Silver lining though – I brought a shiny new Mac which is lovely!  I also managed to add a ridiculously large watermark to all images on the site and spent every evening for a week after work trying to fix it. Recently I accidentally deleted the theme files I was using (still don’t know how I managed this) which nearly meant I had to start all over again. Even with these little mishaps, I’ve loved everything about this and can’t wait to see what happens this year.

Below is a small selection of some of the incredible work that’s on the site right now.

Wrapped up

Wrapped up – Mosia Illustration

My Crazy Life.

My Crazy Life – Bruce Crowes


Stairs – Joe Sims



Bristol – Cai Burton

Bristol Balloon

Bristol Balloon – Neil James


Norton Motorbike – Fiona Clabon


Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Clifton Suspension Bridge – Dominika Scheilbinger

Flying high.

Flying high – Ben Adams

Broad Street -  Susie Ramsay

Broad Street – Susie Ramsay

Dockside - Jim Cossey

Dockside – Jim Cossey

Tin Can Business Card

Tin Can Business Card – Cav Bunkhall


Words by Ben Adams


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