Bristol Art Collective | The writings on the wall
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The writings on the wall

My obsession with graffiti started when I was young (about 12 I think) I, like all boys I knew had a “tag” that I had spent hours perfecting during the lessons at school that I thought were boring…which was pretty much all of them! Things moved up a notch when I found a spray can in the park opposite my mum’s house. I think my tag’s first outing (“simmer” written in burnt orange) is very faded, but still there 14 years later.

Growing up in Bristol, I was surrounded by graffiti and people that were even more obsessed with it than me. Unfortunately, the novelty soon wore off, the idea of racking paint (stealing it) never really sat well with me; neither did long, cold nights. So my graffiti career was over before it really began.

I did however, keep the love of the art form itself; even if I wasn’t doing it, I could appreciate people who were doing it. Graffiti artists living in Bristol are blessed with the fact that it has so many free-walls, turning the city into an ever changing art gallery. These free-walls are so much fun to photograph and the rate at which they change is unbelievable. Every week there’s something new to see.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

These photos were taken just to the side of the M32, very close to my house in St Werburghs. As amazing as these peices are they won’t be there for long.

Photos & words by Ben Adams.

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