Bristol Art Collective | Train tracks and traffic jams
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Train tracks and traffic jams

Recently, I’ve been working on a very exciting commission. A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to create a Transport themed game of snakes and ladders. I was told that it was part of a treasure trail around Bishopston, Redland and Cotham, and that they wanted to encourage green ways of travel.

I started by coming up with several sketches for the game. It turns out that designing a game of snakes and ladders is a little more complicated than I first thought! The overlapping lines make designing the “snakes” and “ladders” a challenge as I needed to take that into account when coming up with the ideas. But in the end, I came up with a final plan

Draft copy


The next step was to transfer this to the large scale.

After several weather problems, I was able to make a start on it. It great fun to be out there drawing it, people kept stopping and asking what I was doing. Over the space of a couple of days, I turned a plain white board into this large game of snakes and ladders.


It only took three days work to finish the whole thing, but it would have taken less if it weren’t for the weather. Every time I’d cover the board to protect it from the rain, it would start to clear up! Then just as I’d started to draw again, I’d feel specks of rain on my back!

2015-07-29 13.20.20

But it’s all finished now! The finished piece will be located just off the Gloucester Road on Overton Road for the next few weeks. There will be pieces and a dice that you can play with during the day, so pop down to have a look.

When you’re playing though, you just have to remember that you move up the train tracks, cycle tracks and bus lanes, but then slide down the traffic jams, diversions and residents parking zones!

2015-08-03 16.51.09-2 2015-08-03 16.50.27

2015-08-03 16.50.14


Words & photos by Cai Burton


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