Bristol Art Collective | Watermark Drama.
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Watermark Drama.

I woke up the other day, rolled over to check my phone and saw an Instagram notification. When I checked,  it was someone telling people to follow Bristol Art Collective! “Great!” I thought, but as I checked the post I wasn’t quite as pleased. I noticed that the person’s profile picture was a photo of me. I was a bit confused, it was still early (I am NOT a morning person) and I don’t take many selfies so was surprised to see the picture, especially as it was taken about three years ago. When I checked the profile page, this person had stolen loads of photos and uploaded them as their own. The only reason I even noticed they were doing this was because for some weird reason they tagged the website in their post. I have a link to the site on my personal Instagram account so I don’t know how they thought I wouldn’t find out. I reported them and within an hour the profile had been removed.


one of the photos that was stolen

After this I realised that I needed to sort out a watermark, something I had never wanted to do. I find them distracting  and was really pleased with how the site looked and didn’t want to mess it up. However, I didn’t want this to happen again, to my photos or any belonging to the other artists on the site, so I decided to add watermarks; but only to full size images so that it didn’t interfere with the look of the site.


Another stolen photo

I’m really lucky to have friends that can design me a logo and a watermark in no time. However, getting the watermark to look right on the site turned out to be a nightmare. I didn’t want to to take all the photos off the site, add a watermark and then re-add them, so I had to use a plug-in which made the whole process quite long winded.

St Werburghs

Stolen photo number 3

After a week of tweaking little details, I finally managed to get it to look the way I wanted and I could rest easy at night knowing that all the photos were as safe as they could be.  So I guess I should say thank you to Alvin Tucker (the Instagram thief) because he forced me to do something that I didn’t want to do but probably should have done years ago.

So thank you Alvin Tucker, you weird bastard.

Photos & Words by Ben Adams.

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